Join2LFS 1.4

Join2LFS allows you to find and connect to LFS game servers online (See all)
Holger Reitner

Live for Speed is a great driving simulation, the physics are great, as well as the gameplay. The AI inside the game is very smart and aggressive and it gives you a run for your money. However, once you ran with the AI a few times it feels a bit repetitive, and you want a new challenge. Well, then the superb net-code for LFS will allow you to race online, and there is just one thing to do: find a server to play in. Due to the lack of a good server utility within LFS, online gaming was in a stalemate for this game. Luckily, CrazyC3 created a user-made server browser for the game. This is one of the most popular add-ons for LFS and with good reason. It allows players not only to join an LFS server, it also gives the players the ability to launch the game with other add-on programs, so they can use their add-ons on online races too. You have basic filtering options for the servers, and the launcher is pretty stable. Sometimes some add-ons will cause a problem, but its not Join2LFS fault. This is the program for every LFS user that wants to play online.

Ismael Mireles
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